Tetsugen was founded in 1964 to contribute to the improvement of the productivity for the equipment in production lines by reducing the cost of the maintenance and upgrade. Our decision was to be an intermediary between the manufacture, who has researched the best performance and applied the latest technology for the essential components, service, machines and systems and the customers, who manufacture or maintain and improve the equipment.

Since then, we have made efforts to achieve our mission as a professional supplier with technical expertise in the field of machine and energy industries. We pursuit for the perfectness in our job to be relied by all the customers and business partners sincerely by respecting the uniqueness of all of our own employees and being a creative organization.

The perfectness in our jobs should be realized by the continuous proposals of enhancing the productivity of all equipment. We consider and apply the technology not only for the improvement of the performance and reliability but also for the environmental and safety issues, which can be overlooked sometimes.

Finally, we appreciate your continuous support regarding our business.

Tetsugen Jitsugyo Co., Ltd.
President Tsuyoshi Mizuno